• Don't let your garden get renovicted

  • Don't let your garden get renovicted

Community Gardens

Create more permanent community garden space in Vancouver parks.

Whereas the City Of Vancouver gives large tax breaks to developers for putting temporary community gardens on, often toxic, land awaiting redevelopment. We the undersigned demand:

A) That the practice of giving tax breaks to developers for temporary gardens end.
B) That developers not creating garden space on undeveloped land face stiff financial penalties.
C) That Vancouver Mayor and Council direct the Vancouver Park Board to create as many permanent community gardens in our parks as possible and allocate appropriate financing to do so.

Who's signing

Devin Gillan
hoatie macy
Max Hilland
Taryn Thomson
A. K. Ruth
Maxine Severight
S.R. Wiley
Mathew Kagis
2,000 signatures

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